Prolog Cafe v1.2


Provides classes that are fundamental to the design of the Prolog Cafe system.


Interface Summary
Undoable Implementing this interface allows an object to be pushed to trail stack.

Class Summary
Arithmetic The Arithmetic class contains a method for evaluating arithmetic expressions.
BlockPredicate The BlockPredicate class is used to implement builtin-predicates.
ClosureTerm Closure.
CPFStack Choice point frame stack.
DoubleTerm Floating point number.
Failure Initial backtrak point.
HashtableOfTerm Hashtable<Term,Term>.
IntegerTerm Integer.
InternalDatabase Internal database for dynamic predicates.
JavaObjectTerm Java-term.
JavaPredicate The abstract class JavaPredicate contains methods for interoperating with Java.
ListTerm List.
NumberTerm The superclass of classes for integers and floating point numbers.
OutOfLoop A trail entry for out-of-loop flag.
OutOfScope A trail entry for out-of-scope flag.
Predicate The superclass of classes for predicates.
PredicateEncoder The PredicateEncoder class contains static methods for encoding predicate names.
Prolog Prolog engine.
PrologClassLoader Prolog class loader.
PrologControl Prolog thread.
PrologMain Prolog Cafe launcher.
PushDownList Push down List.
StructureTerm Compound term.
Success Initial continuation goal.
SymbolTerm Atom.
Term The superclass of classes for term structures.
Token The Token class contains methods for character input/output.
Trail Trail stack.
VariableTerm Variable.

Exception Summary
BuiltinException Builtin exception.
EvaluationException Evaluation error.
ExistenceException Existence error.
IllegalDomainException Domain error.
IllegalTypeException Type error.
InternalException Internal error.
JavaException Java error.
PermissionException Permission error.
PInstantiationException Instantiation error.
PrologException The superclass of classes for Prolog exceptions.
RepresentationException Representation error.
SyntaxException Syntax error.
SystemException System error.
TermException User-defined exception.

Package Description

Provides classes that are fundamental to the design of the Prolog Cafe system.
All of the source code is located $PLCAFEDIR/src/lang.

Prolog Cafe v1.2

Copyright (C) 1997-2008 M.BANBARA and N.TAMURA