Linear Logic Links

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Useful Links

CMU graduate course on Linear Logic, by Frank Pfenning.
CMU Bibliography on Linear Logic, by Iliano Cervesato.
Logic Related Links, by Christian Urban.
Bookmarks on Linear Logic, by Pablo Lopez.

Introduction, Surveys, and Texts

Lectures on Linear Logic, CSLI Lecture Notes No.29, 1992. by Anne Troelstra.
Linear logic, by Patrick Lincoln.
A Brief Guide to Linear Logic, by Andre Scedrov.
Linear Logic and Computation: A Survey, by Andre Scedrov.
A Survey of Linear Logic Programming, by Dale Miller
Overview of linear logic programming, by Dale Miller

Languages and Implementations

The Forum Specification Language, by Dale Miller.
Lolli, by Josh Hodas.
LO, LinLog, by Jean-Marc Andreoli.
Lygon, by James Harland, David Pym and Michael Winikoff.
UMA Forum: A Prolog implementaion of a subset of Forum, by Pablo Lopez and Ernesto Pimentel
Giorgio Delzanno's Research Projects: YahOO, PRObjLOG, and Helmet.
The Linear Logical Framework LLF, by Iliano Cervesato and Frank Pfenning.
LLP : A Linear Logic Programming Language and its Compiler System, by Naoyuki Tamura and Mutsunori Banbara.
Prolog Cafe: A Lolli to Java Translator System, by Mutsunori Banbara and Naoyuki Tamura.

Theorem Provers

Linprove (Linseq & Linres), by Tanel Tammet.
linTAP: A Tableau Prover for Linear Logic, by Heiko Mantel and Jens Otten.
llprover: A Linear Logic Prover (Prolog program), by Naoyuki Tamura.

People working on Linear Logic in Japan

Mutsunori BANBARA